Civil War Alone Remains: The Catilinarian Orations

Lutheran translator and educator Philip Schaffer has produced another book: Civil War Alone Remains: The Catilinarian Orations by Cicero.

I know I’ve posted about his Iter Aeneae before. (I should review that. I did read it, more or less. :)) Now he’s turned his training in Latin toward Cicero and rhetoric! Nice! Classical Lutheran educators (and more) should rejoice!

I’ll put all his books below.

Civil War Alone Remains is 120-pages and helpful for study of rhetoric & Roman history. Here’s the Amazon blurb:

Civil War Alone Remains is a modern day translation of Cicero’s speeches on the Catilinarian Conspiracy. It is designed for the study of rhetoric and Roman history. Along with Cicero’s four speeches, this text contains a map, introductions to the conspiracy itself and each speech, and the orations on the conspiracy which were delivered by Julius Caesar and Marcus Cato.


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