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I think I mentioned that I had “conference” last week. I’m an LCMS deaconess and member of Concordia Deaconess Conference. Conference, then, as both an organization and an annual get together, is a great to hone myself and fellowship & support other deaconesses who share a quia subscription to the Confessions and a CDC code of ethics with me. Anyway, in addition to awesome professional development and truly beautiful liturgical spiritual care, there are vendors and stuff, leading me to remind you of the existence of GOOD NEWS🙂

GOOD NEWS was a huge life-changer for me. While it has been a Lutheran theological journal translated into all sorts of languages around the world for a long time, it was also my first full-time employer after graduating with my undergrad! My sister and I moved to St. Louis and that happened to be where I got a job, like changing experiences, and guidance into diaconal studies. 

I can’t help but love Dr. Wallace Schulz and his amazing with Kathy.

So, if you’ve forgotten that GOOD NEWS, revisit it with a subscription or a donation. (They lost so much in a fire several years ago!) Granted, subscriptions last for a long time because they are practically a two-person team at this point and a subscription covers four issues. (At least last that I checked.)

Also, if you have neighbors who speak different languages, go ahead and get them a few copies. It’ll be thoughtful and kind. 

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