Poetry for the Concordia Deaconess Conference

Next week I’m off to my annual deaconess conference! Yay! Ned & the “Grandma-Campers” will stay in town, but I’ll be off for rest & vocational stimulation! There, I’ve been asked to facilitate one of our rest breakout periods. Though I’ve put together a list & writing prompts already, any suggestions for poetry for the Concordia Deaconess Conference? 😀

You know me. I have a list of genres, a list of structures, a list of Lutheran poets, and a list of Lutheran books of poetry. Plus, as I said, writing prompts. But the last thing I hope to put together is a list of poetry I could read aloud in case folks are interested. (I can’t help but think that “rest activities” have the widest breadth of expectations.)

Anyway, so far I’m drawing heavily from Kurt Reinhardt’s rereleased book, My Light and My SalvationIt has some excellent samples that correspond to some of my writing prompt ideas, but do tell me if you have a personal favorite, especially if it is religious in nature.




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