Deliver Us

Lutheran author and professor, Dr. Reed Lessing has released a new book: Delivery Us: God’s Rescue Story in ExodusIt’s described as biblical commentary with devotional material—sounds great! 😀

Here’s the Amazon description for Delivery Us:

Everyone has a story. Your story is still being written, revised, and reworked as you continue in your daily life. What if you could edit the parts of your story that bring you pain? Or the parts of your story that might make you uncomfortable? Moses in Exodus urges you to edit your story by coming to God and adding Christ’s redemption story to yours.

This book combines biblical commentary with devotional materials to help you gain the most out of your time within the pages. Join author R. Reed Lessing as he takes you through the Book of Exodus to see how, as baptized believers in Jesus, we’re part of a bigger story—the exodus story.

To get it from Amazon, click on the pictures. To get it from CPH, click here. 🙂 You can also download a free sample from CPH here.

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