Blood Stained

Stop everything. Because you know what we need right now? (Or at least I do?) A cozy mystery featuring a contented wife of a Lutheran pastor!!!!!!!! I’m THRILLED to announce that I just learned about a new Lutheran author and her very first release: Gayl Siegel released Blood Stainedthe first book of the Madalyn Mitchell Mysteries, earlier this month.

Here’s the Amazon description for Blood Stained:

Maddy mused abstractedly in the back of her mind. What if one of the sweet, kind people she knew were someone else on the inside—someone capable of murder?

Madalyn Mitchell is the contented wife of a Lutheran pastor in a quiet rural Iowa town. Suddenly her world is turned upside down when the body of a murdered man is found in the city park. Maddy follows clues to identity of the murderer, motivated by the desire to return to her safe, calm existence. But can life ever return to normal?

You know what has me the most excited? Sure, it could be that I feel kinship with the author already since she is also a Lutheran pastor’s wife (though her husband has apparently retired). But no. Nope, it’s that she’s writing about a contented pastor’s wife! Yes! We exist!!! 😀 (Admittedly, maybe the author should next let us know whether contented authors exist. Ha ha haa)

Gayl Siegel, welcome to my list of living Lutheran authors, and welcome to the land of being a published author! I hope you’ll let me know when you release the next in the series!

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  1. This sounds like a great opening to a fun series! Thanks for letting us know about it. Congrats to the author! (From one Lutheran Pastor’s Wife / Author to another!)

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