Lacrimae Didonis

Lutheran educator Philip Schaffer has put out another intermediate Latin book: Lacrimae DidonisBook Two of the Aeneis Pro Liberis series. 🙂

I’m not sure whether I reviewed Iter Aeneae, the first in the series, but I did look through it on Kindle. My long-dusty Latin vocabulary was not quite up to par, but the Kindle dictionary was helpful. I could get through it pretty well and it has been a long time since I had my Aeneid-cap on. 🙂 A good, useful book for Latin learners. I’m sure this second installment will be just as good.

Here’s the Amazon description for Lacrimae Didonis:

Lacrimae Didonis adapts Books IV, V and VI of the Aeneid to prose which is readable for intermediate Latin students. It contains footnotes and a comprehensive glossary to aid in translation. Lacrimae Didonis is the second part in the Aeneis Pro Liberis trilogy.


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