Blood of Beasts

Today Lutheran author Rebecca Lemke releases book 1 in her latest YA sci fi series, GeneshiftersThe book is titled Blood of Beasts and I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy so you’ll find my review below.

Blood of Beasts Review

With a series title like Geneshifters,  it is pretty obvious that this story takes place in a radically altered world. Choices are few but big, like government compound or scattered wilderness. Questions are many, including what is happening to the lingering food supplies and will madmen be able to work unhindered and take control?

At least in one case, experimentation turned extreme, leaving Titania with a big secret that affects everything. But was that program sanctioned by the government? Was it shut down? Ten years later, is she finally safe?

This is a dystopian novel. No. She’s not safe. Ha ha haaa!

Blood of Beasts follows two teens into the wilderness and unknown with more and more burning questions coming up. A madman is forcing people to change, but to what degree? How much can people really change? And what about friendship and love? How will Titania and James get through this? Especially together? And, though this first book doesn’t get into it much, there are clearly haves and have-nots: who are these other people? What forces are at work?

This was an enjoyable read. I read it straight through, start to finish, in one glorious afternoon, and I look forward to the next book already. That’s not to say there’s a terrible cliffhanger. Thankfully the author was kind, giving a satisfying resting point. 🙂

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