War of the Cards

I reviewed Queen of Hearts and Blood of Wonderland so that leaves, for today’s post, the last of Colleen Oakes’ trilogy: War of the Cards!

War of the Cards Review

This book was the best of the three! Sure, it had a definite emphasis on darkness within, but Colleen Oakes really handled this book well.

What impressed me most is that she offered a really thorough, really satisfying ending! Nothing slapstick about it! I wondered how long the war would last, given the pacing of it, but I am just so pleased with this book! Too many people would have offered a half-finished conclusion, but . . . goodness, this books shows what a conclusion really can be! High praise!

Again, there are dark parts, and certainly blood, violence, and betrayals, but that darkness offers a tension in order to emphasize striving toward what is good for others. It’s great!

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