Queen of Hearts

Today’s review is on the Queen of Hearts by Lutheran author Colleen Oakes, and, I appear to be on a roll, blitzing through this trilogy, so reviews of the rest of the series just might quickly follow. 🙂

Queen of Hearts Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect in a book based on the bizarre world of Wonderland, but I’ve been very pleased. There are clever twists so that much is more relatable and realistic than in the original material. On the other hand, this world is literally a canvas for the imagination and a place where, I can already tell, author Colleen Oakes is going to shine! She has been very clever with her details while developing a character with momentum that . . . well, which way will she go in a wild world with lots of unexpected occurrences? How will she overcome to become the Queen of Hearts?!

This is not a retold fairy tale, and there isn’t a promised happily ever after. Yet that is part of the charm. There isn’t much given to us about the Queen of Hearts from the original sources, which makes this a great character to tap! She is yearning for love, from both family and a childhood friend, yet her options . . . seem at times crafty or childish.

There is death, darkness, and violence, creepiness and quirks that tend toward madness. This book strikes me as one best read when in the mood for strength in the midst of darkness and a world awry. Having said that, I quickly went on to the second and now third book. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing how this all comes together!

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