Family Lectionary 2022

Ok. We have exactly 15 days, during which Concordia Collective is selling Family Lectionary 2022. During these 15 days only, she is taking preorders and then that’s it! So let’s talk about this Family Lectionary 2022!

The Family Lectionary is a 365-page, coil bound book that acts as a daily guide the the one-year lectionary and LCMS sanctoral calendar (That’s holidays, feast days, commemorations, etc. Good Stuff.). Included in that is a hymn of the year, weekly memory verses, and provides weekly art, including disciples’ shields and coloring pages for the Evangelists.
I’d say, from descriptions, that it’s crafty without being too crafty for the less crafty of us. (Me. I am not crafty. Only wordy.) Most of the activities are coloring sheets or dough activities. Simple. Easy. Use em or leave em sorts of things.
If you purchase the Family Lectionary, you’ll get access to the art and coloring pages so that you can print as many as you need for you family. YAY. Now THAT’s a thoughtful perk! And I’ve especially heard good things about the weekly Gospel art with a memory verse on the back. (The art and the memory verse are both drawn from the Gospel lesson each week in the one-year lectionary.)
It all sounds really phenomenal and I can’t wait to see it!!! 
There is a cost to it. I mean, it’s a BIG thing to put together! It’s $60 plus shipping. 
Again, you have 15 days to order. Once the presale is over, the order will be placed, and it will no longer be available to purchase this year. (Unless something drastic changes.)
PS. I almost forgot to include the hymn of the year: It’s Paul Gerhardt’s “If God Himself be for Me,” which is a ten verse treasure. There are also daily suggested hymns to go with the daily readers. (Those just aren’t part of the memory work.)
PPS. Next year they hope to provide one for each of the lectionaries. 😀

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