Before the Ending of the Day

Today I’m reviewing another Kloria book: Before the Ending of the Day by Ambrose and illustrated by Lutheran artist Debra Swearingen. 🙂

Amazon’s blurb for Before the Ending of the Day:

Wind down the ending of your family’s day by praying this ancient hymn, appointed for use in the office of Compline.

The vividly painted spreads will capture the attention of even the youngest family member as the daylight fades.

  1. Before the ending of the day,
    Creator of the world, we pray!
    Thy grace and peace to us allow
    And be our guard and keeper now.
  2. From all the terrors of the night,
    From evil dreams defend our sight;
    Drive far away our wicked foe
    That stain of sin we may not know.
  3. O Father, this we ask be done
    Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son,
    Who with the Holy Ghost and Thee
    Both lives and reigns eternally.

My Review

I love that Kloria books has published a traditional hymn from Matins and now from (evening) Compline! Ambrose is a favorite of mine. This book is such a gift to our family: a gem. I love the style. The guardian angel on the cover (and inside) is just so touching. This book is illustrated in such an approachable, respectable, warm style. The illustrations are great. Perfectly stylized. AND IT’S AMBROSE! Fantastic.




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  1. Debra L. Swearingen

    Thank you for the gracious review, Mary! Ambrose is a favorite of mine too! If you email me your address, I will send you a personalized copy of the book.
    Regards in Christ,
    Debbie Swearingen

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