We’re Moving

Hi everyone! I hope to write up a full week of reviews & releases this week, but today’s post is just a note that we’re moving. Ned has accepted the call to serve as Associate Pastor at Memorial Lutheran Church in Houston.

It’s an amazing match for us. We’re all very excited!

We’re also pretty devastated to leave where we thought we’d always be. So difficult times. Ned announced two Sundays ago, but we plan to stay at Trinity through the Last Sunday of the Church Year. It just seems appropriate and will let our two oldests finish up their school term.

This is so hard! I consider myself a strong woman who’s up for a bit of adventure & challenge, but, mercy, every Sunday it’s harder.

Anyway, if you don’t mind, keep us in your prayers. You know what my husband does not need? Me falling apart on him all the time!


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3 Responses to We’re Moving

  1. Natalie Valle

    Hi, Mary,
    Memorial Lutheran is an awesome church. I attended a service there when I was in Houston. I believe Houston is the most ethnically diverse area in the United States, so it’s a wonderful place for mission work. But I certainly understand your feelings leaving your home, friends, church, and everything else you’ve come to love. I especially commiserate with you as my late father was an LCMS pastor for 51 years. My prayers are with you and your family.
    ~~ Natalie

  2. God bless you and your family as you prepare for your move. It’s hard to leave the church family that has embraced you as their own – it can be a real grieving process. Peace to you, your husband, and children. I know your new congregation is waiting to take you into their family!

  3. Deborah Kunkel

    Yay! We will be neighbors! We are at Grace in Brenham!

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