A Mighty Fortress

With a name like A Mighty Fortress, I thought, “Hey! Maybe the author’s Lutheran!” It was hard to figure it out from searching online, but, yep. A few tell tale signs like the expression “poor, miserable sinner,” and I’m well convinced. So today I’ll review a new-to-me Lutheran author Faith Blum and her Christian western, A Mighty Fortress, Book 1 of Hymns of the West. AND imagine my delight to learn she’s written over 30 books!!!

A Mighty Fortress Review

A series about hymns of the west sounds great! Starting with A Mighty Fortress, Faith Blum was able to tackle some serious content, like descent into a life of crime, violence in the old west, and just how fast two siblings might have to grow up to catch up with their parents who moved out west.

It took a few chapters to establish the characters, setting, and plot. I thought the pacing was good and enjoyable. The brother and sister pair encouraged each other with Scripture when they could, which I appreciated. There were a few conversion scenes which struck me along the lines of Lutheran pietism, if that means anything to you, but I certainly found myself rooting for the characters and their development.

There was some significantly bad stuff, though it wasn’t roughly written, if you know what I mean. Maybe I can put it this way: this is a book to read when you’re open to wrestling rather than looking for resting. Still, I expect I’ll read more of the author and likely more of this series. 🙂


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