Christmas of Joy: A River Falls Christmas Romance

Ladies & Gentlemen, look at me, back to blogging. 😉 Anyway, looks like I missed a recent release from Lutheran author Valerie M. Bodden. In late January, she released Christmas of Joy: A River Falls Christmas Romance.

This story is shorter than some, at only 190 pages. Still, she’s always been a satisfying read for me, so I’m sure it’s just great.

Here’s the Amazon blurb:

A former crush, a Christmas wedding, and a second chance at a first kiss…

Madison has spent her entire life in her big sister’s shadow. So she’s not exactly thrilled when her sister assigns—not asks—her to be the maid of honor in her Christmas wedding. Especially when she learns that the best man is the groom’s brother…also known as Madison’s former crush. The boy who kissed her and then made it clear he would never see her as more than a silly schoolgirl.

Luke never planned to return to River Falls. After over a decade away, he has to keep one thing in mind: Madison Monroe is dangerous. Not because she’d ever harm anyone. But because he enjoys spending time with her way too much. And she made it clear after they kissed years ago that he would never be her type.

But between planning a party for their siblings, working together at a fundraiser, and taking an impromptu sledding run, neither can deny that their old crush has regained a foothold—and is on the verge of developing into much more. Should they stamp it out again…or trust that God could use it to bring them a Christmas—and a lifetime—of joy? 

Go here to view the River Falls series or go here to read about her longer series, Hope Springs🙂

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