A Season of Love

Back in April, I reviewed a book, Seasons of Hopeby Lutheran author Aretta Gordish. Today I follow that up with a review of the next book in the Our Life in Snowflake Falls series: A Season of Love.

A Season of Love Review

Our Life in Snowflake Falls is a series about a simpler, more charming place, but that doesn’t mean it avoids real-life problems of grief and complicated love. A Season of Love is the second volume in the series and it continues to follow characters from the first, although the time span is a few years (with flashbacks) unlike the wider span treated in the first book, Seasons of Hope.

So, if you’ve read the first book, you’ll appreciate catching up with the characters! You’ll sigh at the troubles and pains. You’ll meet a few more folks who are tightly tied in and you’ll hope for another happy ending in an otherwise trying world.

This made for nice summer reading. It was realistic enough to get you thinking without being realistic enough to fill you with dread, even though grief and divorce are major factors in this book. It should read fine as a stand alone book, even if you haven’t read the first book, as its nicely self-contained.



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