God’s Word: A Guide to Holy Scripture

Lutheran pastor, professor, and author Dr. John Kleinig released another book: God’s Word: A Guide to Holy Scripture, published by Lexham Press and part of the Christian Essentials series.

The book is on the short side: only 145-pages. Here is the Amazon description:

You read it. But do you understand it?

While the Bible is the most famous book in history, it can be intimidating. Yet God’s word is for us and all people. It is living and active and has the power to save, give life, and heal. Do we read the Bible attuned to the power of God’s word?

John W. Kleinig opens up the riches found in the Bible. He likens God’s word to a lavish meal that nourishes and satisfies our souls. He shows us the centrality of Scripture to Christian faith—the word through which the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit speak with one voice to believers on Earth.

Plus, it is worth noting two particularly intriguing comments from the Amazon reviews. First, that Kleinig “expounds what is meant by that mysterious word “Holy,” and second, “Kleinig writes with a tone of invitation to all that is provided in the Bible for believers.” Sounds promising. 🙂 Also that Kleinig follows the description from the Thomas Cranmer collect, “Blessed Lord, who hast caused all Holy Scriptures to be written for our learning…” Yay!
This book came out in February, so I’m sorry if I blogged it and have forgotten. 🙂

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