Christianity’s PR Problem

Lutheran author and professor Dr. Mark C. Mattes has released a new book: Christianity’s PR Problem and What to Do About It: A College Professor Accepts the Challenge.

Here’s the Amazon description:

Let’s face it: Christianity has a PR Problem. The secular world often paints Christian faith as intolerant, oppressive, superstitious, and incompatible with the modern world we live in. Amidst such attacks, faithful Christians can feel powerless in defending their views, especially when the opposition points to wrongdoings done in the name of Christianity or by Christians.

In Christianity’s PR Problem, Dr. Mark Mattes addresses these concerns head on. By unmasking the inconsistencies of these assumptions and relying on the cross of Jesus Christ, he accepts the challenge presented by secularism to help faithful Christians who want to share their faith with loved ones and those who buy into secular assumptions about the faith.

At only 38-pages, this sounds quite approachable. 😀

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