I have been speaking at congregations, winkel events, and conferences  since Family Vocation came out in 2012 (admittedly with breaks for bearing & rearing my children!). I tend to address vocational topics, such as Family Vocations and Vocations of Women, but I can address subtopics, too. 

like culture, crosses, balance, writing, and finance, too.

In my world, vocation covers a lot of topics: marriage, parenting, culture, crosses, balance, and more. I’m happy to speak on writing and other subjects, also. So if you have a topic in mind, feel free to contact me and ask whether I’m comfortable speaking on it. 🙂 

I do not care for speaker fees since they’re harder on smaller groups. Instead, I prefer the honorarium system, which covers travel expenses and lodging, plus a little something for the time and effort, depending on the size of group, number of sessions, etc.

Contact me if you want to. 

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