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Little Interview

This is a short post for today. 🙂 I trust you won’t mind. I had a little interview on KFUO about my recent article in the Lutheran Witness on vocation and multitasking.Figured maybe that’s reason enough to have a little shameless self-promotion. ha ha haa

By the way, I really like it when I sound prolific. Makes me want to be even more so!



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Dana Gioia Interview

Another Federalist Radio House piece if you are interested: a Dana Gioia Interview, speaking on the enchantment of poetry and American Literary Culture. I appreciate how he points out that so often we are trained to write in ways that people no longer read resulting in the paradox that so many are “paid to profess poetry,” but so often poets write to other poets rather than the public.

Is writing just for writers? Who do you write for? Or, when you encourage others, what are you encouraging them toward?

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