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Pictures and Analogies

Let’s talk about pictures and analogies a little today. If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now. Analogies only go so far. To me, analogies seem to work best for adults who don’t press limits. Analogies are a loose way of finding examples. Pictures are funny though, because they have a close relationship to analogies, depending on what you’re writing about. Hence, I’m a little stuck in my current writing project. I want my piece to be biblical rather than analogous, but, well, Jesus used parables for very good reasons.

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Clever Thoughts

Sometimes I have clever thoughts or think up a neat metaphor, and I think, “This is my next project!” Maybe it will be, but maybe excitement clouds my judgment just a little.

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Churchly Metaphors

Are you ready to think about churchly metaphors? I’ve been able to talk with several bright, theologically sound people about them lately, and I think you’ll enjoy an awesome distinction I was given. For the sake of clarity, we’ll briefly discuss the Good Shepherd and God as shepherd imagery.

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