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Christian Standard Bible

A Lutheran translation of the Bible is coming out! But, instead of discussing whether or not it’s a good idea, how about we consider how it reflects ideas about relevance, language, nuance, etc.? A Cranach blog post on the upcoming edition here. I encourage you to read it and the goals behind the translation to see how much you agree, as a writer as well as a Lutheran, agree with Evangelical Heritage Version on Christian Standard Bible post.

Thank you, thank you, collection of various people, for not giving it too crazy a name. Thank you!

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What is the relationship between relevance and dated material? And, whatever happened to the avant-garde? Even that concept seems outdated (which would be impossible if society weren’t convinced we are the perpetual climax of history)! Lest we think “dated” is somehow bad or lesser, let’s list some writing that should be dated:

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