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I attended a great church workers’ conference early this week and I am so thankful for all the good stuff rolling around in my head now! I’m still short on sleep so this post will be a brief one. It’s occurred to me that I do not realize how vulnerable I am. And, vulnerability is part of why we pray, both motivating us in humility toward God and instigating us to pray all the more against evil and the devil!

As writers, vulnerability is an important facet to our craft. We sneak into our readers’ place. We wiggle into characters and finagle scenarios. We exploit plots, lead through loop holes, etc.

So, if you’re just looking for something to think about today, think about just how vulnerable you are, and just how soundly our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ rescues us from death, the devil, and our own sinful flesh!

Thanks be to God!

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