Incomplete Voice

As writers with a theology and worldview we want to share, it can daunting. Have we said enough? What should be included? Am I on a soapbox or in a pulpit? Possibly off a rocker?

Just think of those who write theology textbooks! Could one unclear phrase undermine the whole thing?

Criticism can be good, even necessary, precisely because self-criticism is full of blind spots and prejudice. We can do our best, both as writers and as members of the church, to keep all expressions as clear and accurate as possible.

On the other hand, the only perfect word is the Word. The only perfect book is the Book (Did you know the expression bible comes from biblios, which predates Christianity?).

There are not perfect writers. However, in His mercy, the Triune God uses imperfect people, pens, and papers to spread His Good News, His perfect Word, and the very Author and Perfecter of our Faith, Jesus Christ.

Hymns, essays, articles, poems, books, blogs, etc., can serve our neighbors. Sometimes less directly, they serve our neighbors by clearing our own heads!

A single human voice is incomplete compared to the unsurpassed richness and beauty of God’s revelation. However, a single human voice can be beautiful, helpful, honorable, and true. It adds to the angelic choir praising God and spreading the single most precious writings of all, the Sacred Scriptures. It is not confined to one’s own imagination or insights, but each human voice can be part of a much larger use of language to the glory of God and good of our neighbors. Thanks be to God!

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