Anonymous, Take Two

Lots of writing is anonymous. Behind all the editors in time and space, there are writers who may never be mentioned in print. They contribute to curricula, meditations, etc. Some may be in your own life as people help you to rethink and rewrite, often with only personal thanks to show for it.

What do we think of that?

Publishers and editors take responsibility and in that way allow for resources to be produced within a system of collaboration and review. So that’s good. It also means that these writers can speak their part without the full burdens of producing, editing, formatting, marketing, dispersing, etc.

I think we can very much encourage anyone to write, even if it’s a letter home to an estranged great-grandmother or a few paragraphs that make you smile or ponder. And if your name is never a byline or thanked, I still thank you. And urge you to keep writing when you can!

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