Team Work

To what extent do you think writing needs to be an individual’s expression? How solitary does it need to be?I hope we are all aware that a lot of people spend their days working so that words reach their audiences: not only editors and agents, but secretaries, layout and graphic designers, IT departments, marketers, printers, paper-makers, warehouse workers, etc. Lest we forget, there are people who make ink, craft fonts, keep records, serve payroll, deliver the text, make that brown shipping paper, etc.

Writing isn’t the individualistic endeavor we sometimes daydream it to be. So, to what extent can writing be more than a team effort and rise to be a unified expression of such a group?

I suppose here we reach the divide between fiction and non-fiction, but maybe not as much as one might originally suppose. The worldviews we put forth are often not only ours, but something inherently shareable–isn’t that why we are sharing them with words?

Writing: one team sport I can cheer for. So why not see what parts you can play! And, yes, reading and being an audience totally count.

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