My biggest fear about blogging, and really writing in general, is burn out. Churning out text can be daunting enough, but striving for it to be interesting and in some way crafted too? But I’ll tell you my hope (and it is not a hope in myself):


I hope that words really can be combined in an infinite number of meaningful ways. I hope that people all over the world can write and write and write and populate vast libraries I imagine in heaven, when there will finally be enough time to read of them. You know, I actually hope people will write in heaven too, maybe sitting down near those streets of gold (“gold, like transparent glass, ESV),  among the vineyards (Isaiah 65:17-25), or beside the leopard and young goat (Isiah 11:6).

I also have this working theory that one reason we have multiple vocations (as laity, family members, workers, citizens, and the ever-general, ever applicable, neighbor), is because when we need a rest in one, there are others that keep us engaged, our minds ticking, muscles relaxing, love focusing, and reflexes readjusting. And as part of that, I happen to see consideration, words, and expression as an overarching trifecta of awesomeness. It gives, it takes. It enables, it winds down. It influences even as it passes that ball into the other person’s court.

I have one other answer to fear, too, which hopefully keeps this particular blog up and this particular blogger from freaking out. Writing isn’t about modeling. I hope I don’t let the blog be too much about me at all! When push comes to shove, maybe I can just offer up a few words of encouragement.  That is what I want for you, for me, and for a lot of people in this world. You know, to populate those libraries and get us into gear! There are a lot more words to string together and no telling what God may do with ’em!

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