Fallen Language

I have an idea to share, probably most suitable for fiction and crafting another world setting. It revolves around fallen language in two ways: one more optimistic and fun than you might anticipate.

In another post this week, I may write up something about how I imagine the Garden of Eden. That can further explain what I mean with this post, but for now imagine a weeping willow. My children love to see weeping willows—one of the few trees they can name at their tender ages of youth.

If man had not fallen—and the world along with us—there would be no concept of weeping. How would we describe the weeping willow?

Or, if angels caught us “lest you strike your foot against a stone,” would we have any concept of fall? How would we describe a water fall with its cascading descent? Or a round of community catch?

How does fallen language affect our descriptions, understandings, and worldview apart from sin, and how does fallen language exist because of sin? It’s very much a two-pronged train of thoughts, but I think it might be really fun and provocative in the best sense if someone could incorporate it into a piece somehow. It could be allegorical—Don’t you think some solid Lutheran allegory could be cool?—or it could just be in a thoughtful background.

Think about it. Use it if you can. 🙂 Maybe some day I can do the same.

Meanwhile, listen. I’m in a writing dry spell. If you can, write for all of us who can’t. I’ve decided to shake off my guilt about it—there’s no law saying I have to write all the time! I still hope and plan to encourage you along the way. No change there, but lots of us really do want Lutherans writing away, adding to the discourse, saying their/our piece, etc. So, thanks for writing, even if I’m not joining you as much as I’d like. 🙂 May God bless you and bless through you!

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