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You know what writers need? Distractions. Humor. Maybe double-amounts of humor, actually. Words and criticism—from the self or silence or someone else—are serious business. Maybe we need to share a movie recommendation or two to help balance that out. 🙂

Do we have Netflix users here? They just released True Memoirs of an International Assassin. My husband recommended it and I laughed out loud. The pain of writing, the investment into words and stories at the expense of, well, life sometimes! The weirdness of publishing. The otherworldliness of this world!

Life is stranger than fiction. Let’s face it, in normal life that isn’t that exciting or true. In movies, however, it can be fun and, more preciously, funny! So where do you look for a little distraction? Action movies? Spy? “True Memoirs” offers it as a funny clod of a man finds himself mistaken for the Ghost, assassin extraordinaire.

Anyway, leave a comment with a movie recommendation, if you can. If it’s about writing, it’d be even better.

We can think of each other, watching movies under blankets, whiling the dark nights away. 🙂 Drinking toasty beverages and dreaming dreams. Maybe plotting to convert the world with the gifts God gives us. <maniacal laughter, thinking of cabin fevers to come!>

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