Overly Eager

I’m not sure it is possible to be overly eager with a project, unless it makes you sloppy. I figure that eagerness should help brace you through research. However, I’ve been recently reminded that I can still be overly eager! Particularly with early readers.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but being an early reader is probably harder than being part of a regular audience. As an author, I’m wanting reassurance. Worse, I want both positive feedback and critique to improve my work! ūüôā It’s like asking for a review with the burdening hope of betterment.

It’s kind of sad, I’ve realized. Don’t get me wrong, I hope it’s exciting to get sneak peaks and essentially read the¬† mind and passion of someone else. Still, I’m learning how hard it is to get reviews, pre- or post-publication.

So, all of you who I’ve pestered: sorry. I’m only now realizing the extent that I may have been overly eager.

It’s not a crime, but maybe it’s good to realize: ladies and gentlemen, we can be overly eager. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any way around finding initial readers except a reading or writing group. Which I don’t have!

Well, it wouldn’t be life apart from struggles. Perhaps this is a reminder that we shouldn’t write to get compliments or reassurance. Or to beg favors. We should write because we want to and we have things to say. And we do!


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  1. Hmmmm I wonder if through this site we could end up with a group of peer writers/readers…?

    • Angie, I would love for that to happen. A few of us have even tossed around possible media to do it, but so far it’s fizzled rather than sizzled.

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