Sometimes I live episodes in my life and think about how I would write them out. I’d intentionally highlight the humor sometimes or maybe throw in a poignant reminiscence every once in a while. Generally, I think it can be kind of a neat habit, although surely there are pros and cons to it.

I’m not suggesting disassociation. Live in the moment and be present with those you face day to day—or phone to phone. 🙂 But maybe it can be a tool to recognize and balance the big picture with an emphasis on details and, well, characters, too.

Not to be abrupt, but if you’re always the victimized hero or heroine you’re not only missing out on the likely development of other characters, but it also probably wouldn’t be the best book. Who wants to associate with only one character? It’s narrowing.

Ok, getting off my soapbox, maybe it gives me illusions of grandeur. Maybe it illustrates that I take this whole “being a writer” thing too far, bringing it too much into my own identity. Still, maybe it’s neat. Maybe it’s worth it to take a moment to phrase things in your head and hope you remember it in decades to come. I have a terrible memory, yet here I am living a life I never knew to dream of with people God brought into my life through no power of my own. It’s pretty amazing. 🙂 It’s a wonderful tale.

No worries, I won’t turn this into a personal blog. I’m just sayin’. Or, should I ask, do you hear what I am saying? I am the only one to do this? 🙂

Episodes come and episodes go, some more memorable than not. Still, aren’t they part of our momentum, our flow, our walk? Good stuff. Whether written down or otherwise! (Sheesh, maybe I should just write a diary!)

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