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Maybe you thought you’d heard the last from me about the Festschrift, The Mercy of God in the Cross of Christ:Essays on Mercy in Honor of Glenn Merritt. I know I’ve already blogged about it, and the essays I contributed, but there is one more thing I’d like to announce about it.

You can still order as many free copies as you’d like with a simple email to [email protected], and now you can also request accompanying study questions. And, yes, they happen to be by yours truly.

The study questions are a separate little booklet that you can tuck into the book as you read along. Super handy.

Again, essay contributors include Matthew Harrison, Reed Lessing, Kevin Golden, Oswald Bayer, Robert Bennett, Arthur Just, Norman Nagel, Gregory Lockwood, Rolf Preus, John Kleinig, Charles Gieschen, Alvin Schmidt, Roosevelt Gray Jr., Andrew Preus, Alfonso Espinosa, Ross Johnson, Theodore Krey, JAO Preus III, Mary J Moerbe, John Pless, Mark A. Preus, Edward Grimenstein, Mark Wood, Deborah Hansen, Steven Schave, Beverly Yahnke, Carlos Hernandez, Joseph Gudel, Brent Kuhlman, Adam Francisco, Robin Fish, Martin Noland, and Mark Mattes.

Some essays are more academic. Others are practical. Some simply proclaim wonderful Gospel mercy! And you can easily scan titles and categories (exegetical, historical, systematic, pastoral, vocational, and comparative) in the table of contents to pick an interesting piece.

To me, mercy has to be one of the central topics of Christendom. Essays on mercy are a welcome treat, especially from distinctly, decidedly Lutheran viewpoints. This is a nicely done book and well worth the shelf space. Especially since now study questions can help facilitate discussions at Bible studies, book clubs, small groups, Winkels, etc!

One little email to [email protected]! No downside even if it takes a while to read through that growing pile of books of yours.

Happy reading! Remember, it’s an investment in writing!

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