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I’ve been thinking about my free Lutheran resource page. The thing is, I think even more is online: lectures, essays, etc. Classic, current, cutting-edge (ie the edgier crowd). Do I google, google, google? Do I really try to find and  sift through them all? That’s more than I’m up for.

And, what about websites that could be a mix of good and bad? What if I post something controversial and don’t even know it? Sigh.

On the other hand, why not post links to places that answer questions and can help people with their own personal research? It looks like there are even curriculum-like programs available free of cost.

If you want this stuff on my page, then let me know and send me links. I think my brain may be a little too addled right now to know how to google this kind of research presently.

Lectures, essays, curriculum-like courses, and forums? Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Otherwise I may just drop this line of thinking for a while and maybe link one or two as I come across them.

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