I don’t listen to much Christian radio. The theological emphases often get on my nerve. Still, when I was in St. Louis, I’d enjoy listening to KFUO, either their talk radio or (back then) their classical station. Anyway, I’ve come to find out there’s another Lutheran radio station! KNGN is a radio station broadcasting into Nebraska and Kansas and may be the world’s only independent full-powered LCMS radio station!

Their shows include Table Talk, Higher Things Radio, Lutheran Radio U.K., Issues Etc., Lutheran Hour, Steadfast Throwdown, etc.

The bad news is that I found out about this through a financial plea. I won’t routinely share such requests, but maybe some of our readers can help out—or at least enjoy it streaming or on the radio.

According to their Thursday Facebook post:

KNGN has had to liquidate our reserve assets to cover expenses. With this liquidation, KNGN has, at best, 3 months of operational funds left, after which, KNGN will have to shut its doors and cease broadcasting. If you value Lutheran radio programming, if you value the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel of Christ Jesus Crucified for sinners, then we implore your aid. Without your financial contribution, KNGN cannot survive, and the world’s only independent full powered LCMS radio station will cease to exist.

Send your donations to 38005 Road 717, McCook, NE 69001, or visit and click on the “Donate to KNGN” button. Help us stay on the air!

Follow them on their Facebook page to see the latest developments. Download their app and listen anywhere.

And, yep, I’ll add them to my free resource page. Here’s hoping their witness can continue!

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