Invisible Struggles

Another idea to share: this one on invisible struggles and theological considerations. Now, usually I’d sit on this one, because it has real appeal for me. Sadly, I’m just not writing. I need to focus on our kids—and the current lung plague sweeping through our house. People with invisible struggles are particularly likely to be overlooked and treated overly simply, even though the Church is particularly equipped to speak in love and understanding.

I’d suggest a book on the shorter side, maybe around eight chapters. They could be extremely broad or topical. The thing is, a lot of invisible struggles are shared by people in extremely different circumstances. Chapters could include:

  1. Heartbreak: Could cover such various topics as survivors of estrangement/divorce/grief.
  2. Vulnerability
  3. Chronic Pain: Physical, Emotional, etc.
  4. Haunting Pasts, whether sin, memory, or trauma
  5. Warring Words: When authorities or loved ones disbelieve you or your God
  6. Diagnoses: A fallen life in a fallen world understood in light of sin and free salvation in Christ
  7. Hopelessness: Unbeliever death, ethical concerns, depression, etc.
  8. Hope: What is fear, love, and trust in God, and What can Christians expect in this life?

I saw a great insight the other day from my dear friend: “Chronic pain forces us to wrestle with the underlying thought, deep down inside of us all, that maybe we are worth more than when we do more,” credited to Esther Smith, But God, Wouldn’t I Be More Useful To You If I Were Healthy? (although I can’t actually confirm that source).

All of us wrestle with what matters: what we do or who we are. Further, both what we do and who we appear to be can be terrifying! Let’s have the Church respond with a kind voice, a gentle approach, and the wisdom given to us in Scripture. Let’s face what we do and what we cannot do, as well as who we are and who God has made us to be.

Suffering isn’t something that calls for silence. It calls for a response, doesn’t it? And those who hold to God’s Word, Law and Gospel, and the means of grace are particularly suited to sharing our hope amidst pain.

Boy, am I kicking myself that I’ve written so little lately, but, boy, can Christ produce through His Church when people share causes and opportunities. 🙂 Maybe this opportunity is for you!

Devotional? Maybe. Words of love? Definitely.

Blessed writing!

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