Prayer Request

May I make a prayer request? I recently found out our town librarian/ library director died suddenly.

Libraries and librarians may be things we take for granted. Especially since now there are so many other ways to read and research. Still, today here’s my prayer request: Can we pray for our librarians?

There are research librarians, who shape so much of the data which gets interpreted. There are so many quiet men and women who take time to smile and help kids when so many others don’t. People helping individuals find needed community resources! Even simply choosing which books to stock influences who knows how many.

Lord, have mercy. Direct them in their vocation/ occupations. Guide them so that they serve with love and truth toward their neighbors. And, help us to appreciate their service and their souls as they, too, are people for whom You died. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

PS. I rejoice that our particular librarian was a Christian, although I’m not sure which denomination she attended in town. She was always pleased to see me and my children. 🙁 May those who grieve her find comfort in the Gospel and the Resurrection of the dead, and may whoever attempts to replace her be as beloved and open to the Gospel as she has been.

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