High Priestly Prayer

I haven’t written up a review of it yet, but I really enjoyed Fred Baue‘s coming book, Flight! I sank into it much quicker than his first book—although it, too, is worth considering, especially if you are interested in musical trends in the United States. But, as I said, my review is still pending. Meanwhile I’ll offer you a short offering for thought from him on the High Priestly Prayer (John 17:1-26).

From the pen of Dr. Frederic Baue:
In the High Priestly Prayer, Jesus asks that we, his followers, be in the world but not of the world. Many Christians have done the opposite, trying escape from the world in separatist Christian denominations.
Going against the tide, I throw down a challenge to young, artistic men and women who follow Jesus, to follow him into the world he loves, and ply their trade of writer, artist, dancer, architect, poet, whatever their calling in life, and create works of beauty. SDG: To God Alone the Glory.
F.W. Baue, author, musician, and LCMS pastor
To follow Jesus “into the world He loves.” So well put—I love it!
Soli Deo Gloria, indeed!

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