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I don’t know many of the women who write Bible studies for CPH these days. I’m not sure why. It could be connected to them often being pastors’ wives spread out all over the country! Anyway, I’ve met Deb Burma briefly. She lead a retreat for the Oklahoma District Pastors’ Wives, where we had some pleasant chats. She has written a number of other books since then, and now she has another book coming out! Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply: Receive God’s Overflowing Gifts  is available for preordering.

According to the blog post below:

Sip, Savor, and Drink Deeply is a seven-session Bible Study from Deb Burma that teaches women in Christ, our lives overflow with hope, blessings, and more!! During this study you will be encouraged to take a break from your daily grind and dive into scripture, savoring the Word with your sisters in Christ. You’ll be challenged to apply Scripture to your life. During this study, you’ll be filled to the brim with God’s grace, joy, and peace! Each session has discussion questions, delicious recipes, group activities, and more.

In addition to the Bible Study, there is a 30-day devotional, which makes a perfect gift! The Sip, Savor and Drink Deeply Bible Study and Devotional will be available for purchase May 13th. Pre-order your copies now at cph.org/sipsavor.

May 23rd is the release date for both Kindle and paperback.

I hope this Bible study does encourage one to “drink deeply” from Scripture. That can never be encouraged enough. I do hope the phrase isn’t just used as a metaphor, when we really are given our spiritual nourishment literally and directly from God’s Word.

Some of Deb Burma‘s other books include A Chocolate Life, Stepping Out: To a Life on the Edge, Treasured Devotional BookBeautiful Feedand Raising Godly Girls.


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