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Maybe it’s because I’m home with my young children, but I often think in terms of “becoming a responsible adult.” So, after reading a blog post about the need for bloggers to make proper disclosure, I though, “Shoot! Become a responsible adult!” I tweaked my website a bit and hopefully now I’m better up to snuff. Anyway, Amazon Affiliates. I do it. It’s free. It’s awesome. If you put yourself out there promoting your books, especially if you have your own website, there’s no reason not to do it.





Here’s what to do and how it works. Scroll to the very bottom of an Amazon page. Select “Become an Affiliate.” Create an account.

Now you can generate your own specific website links to Amazon pages. That specific link is linked to your account, and if someone follows it and then makes a purchase you get a small profit.

It’s not much. Maybe it’s not worth the bother. (On the other hand, maybe there’s a ton of additional stuff that I haven’t figured out.) But, why not? It gives you three options, linking to an Amazon page to either regular text, inserting a nifty Amazon cover which acts as a link, or inserting the nifty Amazon picture with text. Odds are you’ve seen all three used in any blog post I’ve done reviewing a book.

Maybe I’m naive in some way, but I totally still dig Amazon. It’s GREAT that they offer programs like this and Author Central as a no-added-cost perk to people who take the slim amount of time to participate. (Also, please make an author page if you’re on Amazon! I just don’t understand why some haven’t done it.)

Amazon Affiliates also lets you create stores on Facebook (or am I confused . . . now that seems long ago).

Anyway, I want to be a responsible adult. I hereby disclose I sometimes make a dollar or two off of this website. Sometimes I get a free book or two in hopes that I’ll review ’em! I love that. However, even more, if I’ve found a good tool, I want to share it. 🙂

Let me know if there’s something somehow wicked about it and I’ll stop. Or, tell me if you hate my disclosure statement, etc. I’m always open to suggestions and input.

Keep writing! And, if possible, strive for responsible adult- or childhood! 😀

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