The Harvest Raise

Today’s post is my review of Katie Schuermann‘s latest novel, The Harvest Raise

The Harvest Raise Review

I actually contemplated a one-word review: perfect. Katie has grown as a writer and I was pleased with her consistent, charming, and uplifting writing throughout.

I was mildly surprised to miss some of the earliest years of Pastor/Emily’s marriage, but, frankly, those do zoom by, especially with little ones. It let her throw a few surprises our way while lending satisfying growth to several main characters. I loved how she handled Scheinberg, Blaine, Mary, and pretty much everyone. I loved how little bits were credited–rightfully–as theology. I love how care was given about all sorts of things.

Again, perfect! My favorite of the three in the series. There was some skin-shock, but the previous books were very modest as well. It shouldn’t really surprise us that a pastor’s wife might wonder how to shield the eyes of her young son from a scantily clad figure. Generally, though, I was pleased to see how true to life the book and characters were.

The Harvest Raise is a book I can easily recommend to just about anyone, whether I wanted to spot light a Lutheran novelist or just offer a heart-warming, small-town read.

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  1. Katie Schuermann

    Thank you for the review, Mary!

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