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With the actual Reformation Anniversary Day approaching, there are a LOT of Reformation resources and books coming out. Today I get to mention a neat resource from Northwestern Publishing House, the Lutheran publishing house of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS): 365 Luther Quotes, one a day!

“A little Luther a day keeps the heretics at bay!” Ok. Maybe not. ūüôā Still, wouldn’t it be neat to start the day with one of those flippy calendars with 365 Luther quotes?

I also am full of thanks that this means someone¬†else¬†had to fact find and make sure they really are Luther quotes. I mean, generally speaking, I haven’t heard anything scandalous attributed to him, but, you know. You can’t believe the Internet. Ladies and gentlemen, this calendar has REFERENCES to actual English sources! PERFECT!

Ok. More generally:¬†I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that NPH has a nice “Reformation 500” section on their webpage, suggesting applicable books. You know, largely Luther themed. ūüôā There are things for all ages and you can search by age, which is always nice.

I also appreciate seeing books suggested that they didn’t publish. Good for them! Promote good stuff and make good stuff to boot! Excellent.

Their blog is also noteworthy.

As for this post, in collaboration between Northwestern and WELS, they have this page¬†offering up Reformation resource goodies! Including this one: download¬†365 Days of Luther Quotes, available for free from Northwestern Publishing House to get a quote a day from Martin Luther for each day of the year!¬†There’s even a nice looking timeline! (Love me some timelines. :))

Woo hoo! Thanks!

I’m telling ya’ though, I’m getting enough Reformation resources to last me and my kiddos a lifetime! And, dare I think of what all these publishers will do for the next big Reformation anniversary?! Like an Augsburg Confession anniversary?!?

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