Series Update

As a series update, I’d like to tell you a little more about what I’d like to do with it, as well as lay out my current plan for the blog.

I’m going to take a little break from Law & Gospel for Writers. I really like the premise and plan to write more. What I hope to do is write up a whole bunch. Then I can set it up as a free email course you can sign up for.

I have to figure out the logistics for that still and I have more writing to do, still Law & Gospel is something we need all the time. There will be times when want to reread these posts and an email course may end up being an easier way for me to do that. At the same time, I don’t want to rush through it and write subpar content. No reason to rush, right? One day at a time?

Meanwhile, I have got to let things settle down around here a little more! 🙂 To that end, tomorrow I expect to post about Serial Multitasking. I want to blog some more Lenten resources (and why I think it’s ok to post them post-Ash Wednesday!), and there are reviews to post. That should fill up the next week or more and maybe by that time there can be another three posts for the series & course-to-be.

Either time will slow down or I will, folks. Maybe that should be a motto for me over the next few weeks. Feel free to use it yourself, too. 😉

There are almost too many things in the planning stages over here. Sigh. Time to make lists and priorities and get to bed earlier!

Meanwhile I hope things are well with you, and wish you every blessing in Christ, as well as time for reading and writing. (Wish me luck as I try to read ahead of my oldest two. Boy, they’re getting to be speedy readers! Yay! And, woah!!)

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