Serial Multitasking

A conference speaker once talked about how multitasking doesn’t really work. She argued that multitasking really means that we’re distracted no matter what task is at hand. Yeah, I have six children, nine and under. I cannot not multitask. So, I told myself, I’ll just focus on whatever is at hand. I’ll serial task. Still, that’s pretty much resulted in serial multitasking.

I don’t think that’s a phrase yet. Probably I made it up, but hear me out. I’ve gotten into this stage of go, go, go. I task, task, task. I go from one project to the next to the next, just as I try to support one relationship then another then another.

In a sense, it’s what’s probably bound to happen. So much swirls around us in our life and we just answer, respond, turn from one to another, taking and shifting through opportunities as they present themselves.

At the same time, woah dogger! I wanna get off this rollercoaster ride!

Serial multitasking is making rest harder. Because even if I’m not doing something, I’m planning, taking a note, and trying to keep track of things in my mind.

Every task is really a project and I’m hoping to get several steps ahead once I get to whatever it is at hand. And, if there’s something quick I need to do on the way, I’m trying to do that, too! It’s too much, but how do you level down when it seems like everything is a multi-stage conundrum?

Sigh. Some advice is to write down your thoughts before bed so you can have a bit of ritual to end the day and “put away” your thoughts for tomorrow. But taking notes itself is getting a bit much for me lately.

All there is to it, as far as I can see, is to try to slow down and do less. Please wish me well. I’m taking my assumed time tables off the table.

If you are in a similar boat to me, now or whenever, may our Lord help you to slow down, too.

Serial multitasking may not be a phrase, but I think it’s a real thing. I’m open to advice about it! Especially since, again, my note taking and list making is getting out of control! And into the hands of my nearly three-year olds! 😉

Wishing you peace.

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