Spring Break update

I really needed that two week spring break. Although sickness swept through seven out of eight of us, I needed to rest from blogging and homeschooling, even if my attention was needed elsewhere. People. Rest. I recommend it. 😉 Below I’ll give a little update about where I am on writing-related things as my Spring Break update.

I’ve been sitting on several manuscripts for children’s books. Since I’ve tried approaching larger publishing houses, the process has gotten a lot longer than I’m used to. I practically forgot about one text! So, this week I’m revisiting where things stand, reminding myself of the work I’ve already done, and seeking next steps.

This is not, by the way, my favorite point in the process. I’d rather write!! I would love to just hand things over to an agent and rest. I just haven’t found one yet and a two-month wait to find out whether you’re a good match? I’m not sure my impatient nature can take that again any time soon. So, back to being on my own.

Thankfully, my husband is supportive. I’m going to look into becoming an official business. Any suggestions on that are most welcome, especially those pertaining to taxes and other legal aspects. I’m thinking LLC . . . ?

Along with that, I’ve mostly prepared a book of poetry for self-publication. Although I still generally prefer publishing houses for my work, self-publishing certainly has its place, and poetry surely fits within! It’s been a neat process and I look forward to continuing it once I’ve got myself set up however that will be. But my husband prefers that not to be published until I’m a business—fair enough.

I’ve also been puzzling about this blog. How narrow should its focus be? I certainly plan to encourage Lutherans to write, but I already share my own writing perspectives, writing articles, book announcements, etc. I almost wonder if I could set up an additional blog on my website to address children in church more. What do you think? One blog per website? Maybe I should make a separate email list for that topic and stick with emails?

I also wish I could rework my Lutheran resources. Things just aren’t as organized—and easy—as I’d like them to be! 😉

Bear with me, if you would. Also, while I’m asking favors, can you follow me on GoodReads? There are way, way more than 22 of you! ha ha

So much for a spring break update. Happy reading and happy writing! I’m glad to be back!

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