A Defense Against Evolution

Guess what: Another Lutheran book has been released! It’s A Defense Against Evolution by Rev. Lincoln Winter, whom you may know from his catechetical website, Teach These Things, or his blog, Musings of a Country Parson. The topic, of course, is a very relevant one.

The goal of the book is “to provide a readable walk-through of the major arguments in favor of evolution, and provide a response to those arguments.” As the Amazon description goes on to state:

This book is a look at the theories, philosophies, and theology behind evolution. Evolution is not a scientific theory as much as an ongoing assault against the belief in humanity as exceptional in the created order.

Thank you, Pastor Winter, for putting this book together!


Trinity Lutheran Church, Wheatland WY, announces the release of the book Evolution: A Defense Against, by Lincoln Winter, pastor of Trinity. It debunks the claims of evolutionists that evolution is science.

“Our children are being indoctrinated to believe their lives don’t matter, that they are nothing more than a cosmic accident. This is not science. It is religion – and a dangerous one. Parents, pastors, and teachers must be able to respond to this threat,” says Pastor Winter. “Evolution is not a scientific answer to the challenge of human beginnings. It makes religious assumptions and assertions that must be accepted with no evidence.”

Evolution: A Defense Against takes a close look at the evidence cited by evolutionists, and shows how unscientific it is. He also looks at the religious beliefs of evolution, to show how it has corrupted our society and nation.

This book will be a key resource for pastors who struggle with the secular onslaught in their communities, parents who want to faithfully teach their children in opposition to official government propaganda, and Christian teachers who are threatened with the loss of their job if they do not toe the line. Evolution corrupts our culture, and it is designed to destroy the church. Fight back by learning about evolution’s unspoken but fatal weaknesses.

Evolution: A Defense Against is now available in paperback through Lulu.com, or for Kindle at Amazon.

Endorsements for Evolution: A Defense Against

The debate concerning the current tension between Christian faith and evolutionary ideology rages on. Notice, I did not say science. Christianity has always been amenable and supportive of true science, the pursuit of truth in the real world. Evolution: A Defense Against is not your typical book of argumentation levied against evolution. Instead, it challenges the foundational assumptions upon which evolutionary ideology is established with a simple question, “Is this true?” Rev. Winter has performed a noble service for anyone who seeks to know the truth. A careful reading of Evolution: A Defense Against is time wisely spent.

Kenneth Mars; B.S. Geology, Texas Tech University 1994; M.S. Geology Texas Tech, 1996; (Master’s Thesis: Mineralogy of the Playa Clays at the Pantex Plant, Amarillo, Texas); Uranium production geologist, Rio Algom Mining Corp. Smith Ranch Facility northeast of Casper, WY;  1996-2001


When it comes to sacred cows in science, evolution is the most sacred. This fact is demonstrated by how urgently it is defended and how blindly it is followed by its practitioners, despite the hard evidence against evolutionary theory. No person, especially a non-scientist person, is allowed to criticize or contradict evolutionary findings. Thus, neo-Darwinism is no longer science, it is scientism, the worship of science as religion. What Rev. Winter does in his well-researched book is to uncover the fallacies, falsehoods, and false assumptions that surround evolutionary “science.” He summarizes all the arguments against evolution and successfully knocks it off its pedestal as a sacred cow, and does so in a way that laypeople can easily understand. I cannot recommend this book more highly for anyone who desires a fuller understanding of the evidence against biological evolution.

Rev. Darrell Debowey

Pastor, Zion Lutheran Church, Laramie, Wyoming

Master of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


Rev. Winter has also published What Every Christian Must Know: Outlines of Luther’s Large Catechism and he offers a free small parish Christmas Program and Luther’s Latin Litany (Classical homeschoolers, delight!) on Teach These Things! Yay for free Lutheran resources!! (I’ve added them to my list!)

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