Easing Dorothea

You may not catch the cute kid stories I sometimes share on my personal Facebook page, but you’ll get a crossover right now. My four year old Michael is my only boy. He’s finally moving away from being the mischief maker, much to the answer of my prayers. 🙂 And part of that may be his budding friendship with his three-year-old sister Dorothea. Regretfully, yesterday evening found me easing Dorothea because of a Dorothy/Michael encounter.

Bear with me.

They were happy! Playing! Doing the things they do! But something went wrong and Michael ended up really crying. Which is to beg the response, “Wait. What?! What happened?!”

Dorothea hit Michael in the head when she threw a plastic fire truck toward him. He got hurt and stayed hurt far longer than the typical 20-seconds. (He’s fine now.)

Dorothea felt so bad that, even when I was tucking her into bed, she kept asking whys.

Mom: I love you, Dorothy.

D: Why?!

Mom: Because you are God’s gift to me so I can love you.

D: Why?!

Mom: Because God loves you.

D: Why?!

Mom: Because Jesus died on the cross to forgive all of your sins. Do you know that Michael forgives you? Mommy forgives you, and God forgives you.

D: Why?!

Obviously this sweet overtired girl just couldn’t find rest. Words are so important but I couldn’t find the right ones for her at that moment.

Then I found it. Ladies and gentlemen, I found it. Her tears were still overflowing her eyes and it was all I had left for my precious girl.

Mom: Dorothea, God is going to teach you all about it in a little bit. Ok?

D: Oh. <a brief moment of consideration> Ok. <Then she rolled over and fell asleep.>

I may have stretched it with “in a little bit,” but God really does shower us with gifts beyond our comprehension and when we finally learn the extent of it we will praise Him forever and ever and ever!

I didn’t mention just how poorly I learn God’s messages, especially those gained through experience. I didn’t say just how long it might take to learn the answers to all the whys of love and God and hope and mercy and family. But that little bit of hope, that appeal to God’s provision/authority/revelation . . . it was all she needed. Short, sweet, and a blessed turn of focus.

Today I’m hoping that “easing Dorothea” can be easing for us, too. In so many ways we are in a similar boat. Ah. Sweet girl. Little girl in a big scary world. Doing things that somehow go wildly out of control. Such big emotions and such big questions with so few satisfying answers. Much time will eventually be spent in such easing Dorothea, our Doro/Gift of Thea/God.

Wishing you Gospel and satisfying answers today, as well as an appreciation of how words ease our troubled hearts and minds.

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