Message Worth Dying For

Yesterday I posted an article about “dying for” books and then today I find a review related to the Message Worth Dying for! That’s kind of neat.

I link it, and Lisa Clark’s Messenger Series below. First, I’ll mention a few things of my own.

  1. I mean to be reviewing these books too! I just finished reading them! And a few others! But . . .
  2. Although I’m getting my reading in, my heart isn’t quite in a review-writing place. My husband/pastor has been considering a new call and that just affects me in a bazillion ways. So, please bear with me.
  3. In fact, could you please pray for us? Ned will announce his decision Sunday morning.

Ok. Back to the Message Worth Dying For! And, you know, reading- & writing-related stuff! 🙂

The trilogy being reviewed:

Happy Independence Day!

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