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My mother has always been a voracious reader. She’s speedy and varied in genres. Anyways, she’s been reading more Lutheran theology in last few years, and I am so impressed by her. Get this: she’s started to read Dr. John Kleinig’s Hebrews in the Concordia Commentary series! And she’s doing it by reading 75 pages a day!

Now that is discipline. That is dedication. And that is just super awesome.

I hope someday I’ll be more like my mother! She glosses past the language things she doesn’t understand, but she is still gaining a lot. She’s shared with me some really great insights in conversation lately.

Would you be up for a personal 75 pages-a-day challenge? That should be a thing!

Anway, Mom, you rock. I love and admire you. 🙂

Also, folks, read Dr. Kleinig. He, too, rocks. He is an amazing speaker, thinker, researcher, professor, and theologian.

PS. I think it’s Amazon Prime Days, when there’s special Amazon deals for Primers. Go here to look into it, but my BIG point is that we should all check the books on our wishlists to see if they are affected at all. If so, I’m starting the free trial! lol

PPS. I am an Amazon Affiliate so, at no cost to you, I do sometimes get something of a finders fee to using Amazon links. I have a discloser on my sidebar and on my About Blog Page. Rock on!

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  1. Jackie Veith

    Mary’s Mom here: I’d also like to put in a plug for CPH’s program, Read Like a Lutheran. This summer they renamed it CPH Reads. No matter its title, it motivated me to get into quality reading instead of my previous time-consuming but lacking substance selections (although I still love a good mystery and fiction!).

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