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Another Lutheran author has opened enrollment into his launch team! Rev. Tyrel Bramwell, author of The Gift and the Defender and Finding the Truth in Story: Grimm’s Fiary Tales, Vol. 1has two books nearing release. Want to “come in and launch” Come in, We are Closed, which tackles the topic and tensions of closed Communion?

It won’t surprise you to know that I already signed up. I also happen to know that several notable voices have already endorsed it. Yay!

Here is where you go to apply. The launch team is limited to 25 folks and launch week is October 31 through November 6th. (Guess now you know what I’ll post about that Wednesday!)

Anyway, launch teams are great. Basically, you get a pre-release copy of the book in hopes that you’ll talk to others about it, both with a review posted to Amazon or other sites and just in general life: you know, conversation and Facebook. Right? That’s life? 😉

Additionally, Rev. Bramwell is offering a chance to win 25 paperback copies. Smart, since obviously this is the sort of book one discusses.

Keep up all the writing you’ve been doing, Rev. Bramwell! And, folks, come in and launch with me.

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  1. Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks for letting me (us!) know! Blessings in Christ!

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