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Today is a big release day for my friend, Lutheran author Vanessa Rasanen! She’s a great friend, blogger, and sometime journalist. Plus, you know, there’s her family and job and being married into the Army. Her debut novel, releasing today, is Soldier On (Hearts on Guide Book 1)

Soldier On Review

This is a great book with a deeply applicable title. How do we soldier on, whether we’re in the military or not? How do military families cope with deployments and crises? For that matter, how are husbands and wives supposed to support one another when they’re different from each other?

In Soldier OnVanessa Rasanen has written a gripping debut novel that will reshape prayers for military families. It explores anxieties and doubts that Christians can feel, especially after months of lost control and uncertainty. She is, quite simply, a needed voice in contemporary Christian novels, as she combines realism with God’s mercy and the gifts of the church, in particular by recognizing pain after prayer and doubt within faith.

The story begins slowly, with an approaching deployment. Then it cranks up with tender sentiments, bits of daily chaos, laugh-out-loud moments, and sudden heartbreaks. Whenever I thought I knew where things were leading, the book shifted so I could better see more fronts we face!

This is an enjoyable, satisfying, and cathartic book with a surprising number of laughs. A gold star! I’m happy to recommend this to just about any adult with the understanding that there is a bit of married physicality and a smidge of “sailor” language present.

I look forward to reading her next novel, which, rumor has it, may come out around Spring 2019. Woo hoo!

Keep up the good writing, Vanessa!


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4 Responses to Soldier On

  1. I can’t wait to read this book! I love your review 🙂

  2. Erin Randall

    Loved this book! I love your analogy about how we have to “soldier on” through life. The book definitely takes you through a roller coaster of emotions! ♡

  3. Nicole H

    Love your review! I’m excited to read this! 💗

  4. Great review! You made me want to read the book!

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