Black Hole Unravels

You may have noticed by now that I have a lot of ideas to share in hopes that someone else writes them up. 🙂 The trend continues. I want to see someone write Big Bang Unravels. Explore how the physicals of black holes, with their different expressions of expanding and contracting, would affect the world if we really were a result of a black hole’s big bang.

Ok, I have to admit that I can’t tell from my notes whether I was thinking in terms of fiction or non-fiction! Whoops! Nor do I remember who I was talking with who knew so much more about black holes than me!

Sorry, folks. Be the expert I’m not! Ok, ok, take turns: that leaves just about every topic to cover! ha ha haaa

Do you have other science questions you’d like to see answered in writing? Comment below. Maybe we can let the right eyes see the right ideas! That’s a worthy goal in itself.

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